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9 Month Old Feeding Milestone

My baby turns 9 months old today. I wanted to share some some feeding things that we can usually start around 9 months old. By this time your baby is most likely able to do the following things:

  • sit up independently

  • crawl

  • developing that pincer grasp we all love because it leads to effective self feeding

  • interested in eating soft/dissolvable foods

  • hold their own bottle/cup

  • perfecting that "munch" chew

This age is such a fun time to explore a variety of textures, tastes, cup and even utensils!

At 9 months I recommend starting these things:

  1. Introduce straw, 360 cup and even open cup (message for specific tips about how to start these type of drinking modalities)

  2. Start to give your little one small pieces of soft or dissolvable foods that they can pick up and self feed. I try to avoid big pieces that they have to bite from because of choking risk

  3. Give them baby safe utensils to start practicing holding a spoon and scooping food

  4. Continue to expose your baby to a variety or flavors, textures, and temperatures of food

  5. Enjoy this amazing milestone in your baby's life!

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