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Eating Is For More Than Nutrition

A lot of the families I work with are just trying to get food or liquids in their child any way possible. The last week I had a family who struggled to get their child to drink enough liquids. They had to resort to giving her a bottle while she was drowsy and falling asleep because she would not drink very much when she was awake.

In the midst of just trying to get our kiddos to eat, we forget that eating is a social activity. We bond over preparing food, chat over dinner, have food at celebrations and we take food to people when they are sick.

The very first bonding experience between a parent and child is that if either breast or bottle feeding.

Feeding tip for today is to take a moment and instead of focusing so much on what your child ate, focus on the experience of eating with them and enjoying one another’s company. They might just surprise you and eat more if the focus and pressure is taken off of them.

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