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McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program Provider Coming JULY 2020!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The Swallow Therapist will become a McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP) Provider Effective July 20th, 2020. This has been on my BUCKET LIST for 3 years and I am jazzed to finally be checking it off my list. If you know anyone in New York or Texas that could benefit from this type of therapy, send them my way! Here is a little about the program taken from an article written by Dysphagia Cafe. “MDTP is a systematic dysphagia rehabilitation program. It uses swallowing as an exercise and it works to rehabilitate the synergistic swallowing mechanism. By swallowing program I mean that MDTP is not a single activity or technique that is repeated over and over again. Rather it integrates information directly from the patient assessment (one of the few if the only approaches to do so in dysphagia rehabilitation) and focusing on patient performance builds upon existing physiologic abilities to improve strength, speed, and coordination of the impaired swallowing mechanism. The impaired swallow mechanism is physiologically challenged in therapy during swallowing tasks. As patients progress, more difficult physiologic challenges are introduced. This progression reflects ‘loading’ on the impaired neuromuscular system for swallowing and represents a form of progressive resistance. MDTP is also an intense therapy program. Each swallow is viewed as a unit of exercise and individual sessions contain more swallow attempts than traditional therapies reflecting a higher intensity level of swallowing exercise."

Contact me to schedule an evaluation!

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