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What can I do if my child does not qualify for early intervention or school?

You have been on a waiting lists and advocating for months to get your child a speech, language, or feeding evaluation. The day finally comes and they get their evaluation. The speech-language pathologist (SLP) reviews the results with you. Unfortunately, at this time your child does not qualify for services. You hear words like "standard score" and "standard deviations" and all you are hearing is that your child will still not get the services they need. You know deep down that there is more going on and they would benefit from speech therapy services. Now you are at square one and don't know where to turn to get your child the help they need.

The early intervention and school programs have strict requirements for a child to receive speech therapy services. They have to be severe enough in various areas or they won't get services. The scores on the assessments completed during the evaluation determine whether or not your child will get services. Children can still have delays but not qualify for services. Fortunately there are other options!

Private practice speech therapy clinics are designed to provide services for families that can't get services elsewhere. Private clinics often do one-on-one sessions with parent education built into the session. Private practice clinics are not limited by test scores and percentile ranks. Even if your child is mild, they can still receive services.

At Lifespan Speech and Swallowing Services PLLC, we are so fortunate to have served hundreds of families who are in your position right now. We are another option. We care deeply about the patients and families we work with and strive to go above and beyond to provide excellent services.

Now you might wonder, how much will this cost me? We are the only private practice speech therapy clinic in Syracuse, NY area that treats child and accepts health insurance. If we are in-network, we will bill your insurance. If we do not take your insurance, we will provide you a superbill (a fancy billing statement) that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. We love serving the families of Central New York and home that you will consider us for your speech therapy needs. If you are interested in services click the link below to fill out intake forms.

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