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Why are Voice Disorders Increasing With Mask Wearing?

We all know how hard it is to talk with a mask on. We have to repeat ourselves multiple times and maybe even speak louder. If you do not know how to properly use your voice, you may end up developing a voice disorder. Teachers, singers, coaches, and therapists are a few jobs that place you at higher risk for using your voice frequently and possibly incorrectly.

How does a voice disorder develop? When we speak, air from our lungs, supported by our diaphragm, flows over our vocal cords and makes them vibrate. This is how we make sound. When we want to speak louder, we should use more air to increase volume. The problem arises when we tighten the muscles in our neck and larynx to increase volume instead of using air and our diaphragm muscle. Over time, this causes the larynx to get tighter and tighter and you might notice that is harder to speak or your voice hurts after talking a lot. If this continues, this may lead to getting nodules on your vocal cords or vocal cord polyp. Once these maladaptive behaviors start, it is hard to retrain breathing and vocal cord dysfunction. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible/

What are the signs you might be developing a voice disorder?

- Hoarse Voice

- Voice Pitch Change

- Tired Voice

- Voice Cracking

- Voice Giving out on You

- Persistent throat pain when not sick

If you are concerned that you have a voice disorder, please contact us so we can assess your voice and help you on your path to recovering that beautiful voice you once had!

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